Are You Suffering From Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

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In many cases, if you damage your teeth, you will notice the damage right away. There may be pieces of a broken tooth, or blood, pain, or swelling. However, it is entirely possible that you have a crack in your tooth and not even know it. In a case of cracked tooth syndrome, the crack may be so small that your dentist may not spot it, and it might not even show up on your x-rays.

Cracked teeth can be caused by a trauma to your mouth, grinding your teeth, or extensive dental work such as large fillings and root canals. Improper alignment of your teeth can cause them to strike one another at improper angles, creating cracks.

Since a crack in your tooth may be difficult to see, how will you know if you have one? Pain in your tooth, or tooth sensitivity may be indicators of a cracked tooth. The pain is usually not continuous, but rather it will come and go, often when you are biting or chewing, or if your tooth is exposed to heat or cold. It is a good idea to make a note of when the pain occurs, what you are doing when you experience it, and where it is located in your mouth. Your dentist can use that information when he looks for the problem. Your dentist may place a crown on your tooth, or perform a root canal.

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