At Horizon Laser Dental Care, we specialize in addressing immediate dental concerns with our focused limited exams. When you are experiencing discomfort, pain or have suffered an injury, our dedicated team is here to provide swift and targeted care. Here is a snapshot of what to expect during a limited exam with us.

From the moment you step into our practice, our priority is to make you feel comfortable and seen by Dr. Bob Johnson as soon as possible. These exams are specifically tailored to hone in on your area of concern, allowing Dr. Johnson to conduct a thorough examination and quickly identify the root cause of your issue.

Leveraging advanced diagnostic technology, such as digital X-rays, our dentist will meticulously evaluate the affected area. This precision aids in crafting a personalized treatment plan aimed at alleviating your symptoms and restoring your oral health. Throughout this process, you are encouraged to voice any symptoms and concerns, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your condition.

Following your examination, we will clearly outline your diagnosis and discuss all viable treatment options. Our goal is to not only address your immediate discomfort but also to ensure you are fully informed about your treatment plan.

Do not let dental pain disrupt your life. Contact Horizon Laser Dental Care today at 970-245-3633 to schedule your limited exam in Grand Junction, Colorado. Our team is ready to provide the prompt, effective care you need to smile comfortably again.