Bad Breath: What You Should Know

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You probably understand that bad breath can be embarrassing. You probably also understand that there are several things you could do to improve your breath quickly. Still, if you find yourself dealing with bad breath, you could be dealing with a number of fairly serious issues.

For instance, your bad breath could be caused by a condition known as dry mouth. While you might assume dry mouth isn’t too serious, it can actually lead to a number of problems. If you have dry mouth, you won’t produce as much saliva as you could. Sadly, without saliva, you’ll be more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. You’ll also be more likely to have bad breath. If you think you may have dry mouth, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us and trying to remain hydrated.

Sadly, gum disease and tooth decay could also leave you more vulnerable to bad breath. Again, we recommend contacting us if you think you have either of these issues, but please remember that gum disease and tooth decay might be difficult to recognize on your own. In fact, many people have gum disease but don’t realize it. This is one reason we suggest setting up appointments with us every six months.

To learn more about the care you can receive from our team, or to learn more about what you can do about bad breath in Grand Junction, Colorado, please feel free to contact Horizon Dental Care at 970-245-3633. Our dentist, Dr. Bob Johnson, and our team will answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.