Make an Appointment to See Us if You’re Expecting

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So you have a baby on the way! Congratulations! This is a busy time in your life, and there is a lot to do to get ready for your new arrival. While there are many preparations that need to be made for your new baby, there are also new demands and new issues for you when it comes to your health as an expectant mother. In the midst of everything that is calling for your attention right now, don’t forget to visit your dentist.

One advantage to seeing your dentist before your baby arrives is that you can take care of any needed dental work ahead of the birth. Your life is about to get much busier, and it will be easier for you if you don’t have to worry about any procedures then. The best time during your pregnancy for dental work is in during the second trimester. That is when it is the safest for you and your baby. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you might want to call us for an appointment beforehand. If you need emergency dental work, you should definitely let our office know if you are pregnant. We may need to talk with your physician before moving ahead with your treatment.

You may experience what are sometimes called ‘pregnancy tumors.” Despite the name, these are not malignant. Rather, they are overgrowths on your gums. While their appearance can be alarming, they usually go away after the birth of your baby

It’s important to make sure that you keep your teeth and gums clean during your pregnancy. Hormonal changes can lead to an increased chance of gingivitis. The increased hormonal activity can exacerbate your way gums react to plaque. Morning sickness may accompany your pregnancy. That can cause you to have more acids in your mouth, which can contribute to tooth decay.

If you are expecting, or are considering having a baby, you should make sure that you talk with us about addressing your dental needs. Our dentist, Dr. Bob Johnson at Horizon Dental Care in Grand Junction, Colorado, will be happy to see you for an examination or consultation. You can make an appointment by calling 970-245-3633.