Provide Your Smile Extra Support From Mouth Jewelry

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Are you aware of the risks associated with mouth jewelry? Mouth jewelry refers to products that you place into your mouth often for a cosmetic appeal. This includes lip and tongue rings. Although they may seem like stylish opportunities to improve your look, there are several oral health risks associated with them, including the following:

– Mouth jewelry is linked to several oral health ailments including allergies and other hypersensitivities that people may have, such as sensitivities to plastic, metals or other products used for lip and tongue rings.

– Tongue rings can cause severe harm to your tongue as they can easily cause nerve damage and even burst blood vessels.

– Several risks associated with and prevalent with mouth jewelry include choking hazards as small pieces can break off easily.

– If there are any metal pieces or hard pieces of plastic used for lip and tongue rings present, they may swing around in your mouth and chip and crack your teeth.

– One of the biggest risks of mouth jewelry is the presence of infections caused by open wounds. This can lead to infectious diseases such as endocarditis and hepatitis.

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