Reaching the Pinnacle of Oral Health Care: Mouth Guards

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Did you know that an oral accident or injury can set back your health care by decades? To help target oral health risks that can damage your teeth and gums, make sure you include treatments that can improve your oral health and any potential therapies that come with it. To ensure your smile can continue to thrive in the future, consider treatments such as mouth guards.

Mouth guards can be designed to fit your exact dental impression. If for any reason you have mouth guards that come preformed, be aware of the risks of wearing them. Not only can they eventually end up as choking hazards, but they may not fit correctly. Instead, visit our dentist for a customizable pair that contours to your teeth.

Once you have your mouth guard selected, you should make sure you always inspect it for any signs of wear. If damage does occur to your mouth guard, visit our dentist for a replacement. To help keep your mouth guard safe, never store it anywhere where it can dry out and crack and never keep it in an area where it can become contaminated. Furthermore, keep it out of reach of pets and siblings.

If you require customized mouth guards in Grand Junction, Colorado, Horizon Dental Care would love to assist you. For a thorough examination of your oral health, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Bob Johnson by calling our dental office at 970-245-3633.