One of our focuses at Horizon Laser Dental Care is the connection between your oral health and overall health, also known as oral systemic connection. We consider the mouth as a gateway to the rest of your body and plan all our treatments around this school of thought. Our practice pays special attention to emerging science, technologies and procedures to reduce your health risks and help you achieve better overall health. We are pleased to be the only dental office in the Grand Junction, Colorado area to provide saliva bacteria testing with oral DNA. To learn more about oral systemic connection and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bob Johnson, please call our office at 970-245-3633.

Oral systemic connection is a chronic inflammation of the gum tissue, infection below the gum line and the presence of disease-causing bacteria in the mouth. Stopping the advancement of periodontal disease and maintaining excellent oral hygiene help to reduce the risk of gum disease as well as reduce your chances of developing other serious illnesses. Your mouth is a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and infections, which makes preventing these problems very important. Issues in the mouth can make systemic disease (or diseases that affect the entire body) much worse.

Numerous studies have shown a link between your oral health and systemic diseases such as diabetes, coronary vascular disease (arterial heart blockage, heart attack and stroke), rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy complications and other serious problems. In many cases, these diseases are connected with periodontal (or gum) disease, as the bacterial infection and tissue inflammation of gum disease trigger your body’s inflammatory response.

Inflammation is the first response of the immune system to injury, infection or irritation. When your body’s immune system senses an infection, a series of reactions begins, which is designed to defend the entire body, not only the area directly involved. If an infection in the mouth persists, the inflammatory process can never shut down, and your body thinks it is under constant attack.

Periodontal disease typically begins from bacteria growing around the teeth, causing infection and triggering your body’s inflammatory response. The combined “one-two punch” of bacteria attack and inflammatory reaction causes destruction of the gum tissues and bone around the teeth. Our dentist and team can provide saliva bacteria testing with oral DNA to determine the specific bacteria present in your mouth and how they are affecting your dental and overall health.

To learn more about oral systemic health and to make your appointment with our dentist in Grand Junction, Colorado, please call or visit our office today.