Take Caution against the Perils of Bruxism

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Take caution against the perils of bruxism. Bruxism is a common, yet often undetected sleep disorder branded by grinding or gnashing your teeth while unconscious and often done while asleep. Treating bruxism can be done fairly easily with night guards or bite plates, but the hard task is determining if you even suffer from it, to begin with.

If you have bruxism, your teeth may have begun to show signs of damage. Your gums may also be damaged by the effects of bruxism, including random indentations on your gums indicating bite marks or chewed tissue, as well as random markings on your tongue. Another common sign of bruxism is unexplained chips and cracks in your teeth and dull or flat teeth.

Bruxism is also linked to a variety of aches and pains in your mouth and facial area, including headaches and earaches. If left untreated, bruxism can also damage the temporomandibular joints in your jaw and lead to TMJ disorders. Teeth damaged from bruxism may also be extra sensitive and sore to the touch.

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