Tooth Replacement Services 101: Dental Bridges

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If you have missing or lost teeth, a dental bridge can be used to fill in the gaps left behind. Dental bridges can fill in one or more spaces with an artificial substitute that is cemented or attached directly to neighboring teeth to ensure a steady hold and firm grip. Don’t let your missing teeth result in poor oral hygiene. To help you preserve your smile health, consider the following benefits that bridges can provide:

— If you have a missing or lost tooth, dental bridges can help diminish the chances of drifting or tooth movements caused by neighboring teeth freely moving due to the extra space around the gums.

— Dental bridges can upgrade your eating and speaking habits more so than with missing teeth or in many cases, even removable dentures.

— Dental bridges can help relieve and prevent misalignments and malocclusions of your jaw and bite line that could arise due to missing teeth.

— The look of a smile with missing teeth may appear to be sunken in and aged, but it can be reversed with dental bridges.

— With suitable care and the avoidance of any oral accidents, dental bridges can last anywhere from ten years to an entire lifetime.

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