Water Flossers Can Correct Issues That Arise with Cleaning Between Teeth

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The fall season is here at last and with it comes a bountiful harvest, fresh corn on the cob, and a multitude of sweets and treats to satisfy your palate. However, many sweets and treats do contain sugars, or sticky and chewy substances that can lead to oral health ailments. Protect your mouth against the dangers of tooth decay and dental erosion by making sure you brush twice daily and floss at least once daily. As an alternative to traditional flossing, consider a water flosser.

Water flossers are highly effective interdental cleaning tools designed to clean between teeth using a gush of water. Water flossers can effectively wash away debris and harmful bacteria that gather between teeth much more effectively than traditional brushing can.

Water flossers can reach areas between teeth even if you have an oral health care treatment hindering its progress. This includes orthodontic aligners, dental crowns, or any other obstacle that may be in your mouth that prevents threaded floss from fully reaching between all teeth. In cases such as these, a water flosser is necessary.

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