Your Kids Baby Teeth: What You Should Know

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If you’re raising children, you probably know that there are several steps you should consider taking to help your kids keep their smile healthy and strong. You could already know that you should help your child keep their teeth clean by brushing and flossing every day. Even if you help your children clean their teeth every day, have you ever wondered about whether their smile is developing correctly? While every smile is different, there are some general guidelines you should expect your little ones to follow.

Your child will typically start getting their teeth when they’re between six and ten months old. Most children have the last baby tooth erupt before they’re about three, but many children’s last baby tooth comes in before they’re two.

Your children will probably lose their teeth in the same order they came in. Your kids should start losing their baby teeth when they are about six years old. Please visit our dentist if your little one loses their first baby tooth before they’re five years old. While they will fall out, your baby teeth are very important because they’ll help your adult teeth come in properly. If your little one doesn’t start to lose their baby teeth by the time they’re eight, we suggest contacting us.

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